Brazil is the world's 7th largest economy, and is expected to become the world's 4th largest in a few decades. Brazil has achieved economic and political stability and institutional maturity, and is undergoing broad and fast-paced expansion and dramatic socioeconomic transformation. The Brazilian ICT sector, the world's 4th largest, turned over USD 233 billion in 2012 - or 7% of the country's GDP.

BRASSCOM 2013 Global IT Forum - ICT as a driver of Economic Growth - is a highly selected and internationally recognized event endorsed by the specialized media, overall participants and independent global analysts. The event aims to promote and support the use of Information Technology and Communication as a driver of growth, innovation and competitiveness in Brazil.


Join the Brasscom 2013 Global IT Forum with an exclusive group of Brazilian government leaders, global business leaders, experts, and editors from The Economist.


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